Have you ever had an opportunity to step away from your everyday task to do something nice for yourself? I’m sure you don’t get the chance very often as busy as life is, but it is nice to treat yourself every once in a while.

Often parents never get the time to take care of themselves like they deserve, especially mothers. In this post, there are 8 tips on how to glow up in a day, these include;

  1. Try a new skincare routine
  2. Lipstick
  3. Take a shower
  4. Paint your fingernails/toenails
  5. Dress up
  6. Full face of makeup
  7. Hair mask
  8. Say positive affirmations to build self-esteem

Once you’ve followed these tips, you may not even recognize yourself anymore. Many times moms give up on themselves without even realizing it; we all do it.

BUT- you should take time and do positive things to keep you feeling happy and boost your self-esteem.

Trying A New Skincare Routine

how to glow up tip 1: Trying A New Skincare Routine

Use that concealer to your advantage and to make yourself feel younger. Cover up all those problem areas or those dark circles under your eyes before getting ready for the day.

Your mood usually starts with how you feel, so what better way to begin than making yourself feel beautiful and confident? Seriously, cake on that concealer and tackle your day! 

Sunscreen should play a massive role in your skincare routine. Having a solid and faithful skincare routine can give you a fabulous glow. Some ways to do this are hydrating your skin with moisturizer, washing your face, exfoliating your skin, toning, and adding serums. Doing all of these steps can leave you feeling younger than ever and a great confidence booster. 


Have you ever noticed that mom at the school drop off with red lips? You might have even seen it made her look more put together.

This is a simple step that can make you feel more fabulous by just simply applying lipstick.

You can have on old, baggy clothes but with lipstick on, and you’ll look like a mom that has her stuff together! Isn’t that all that we want? Absolutely! 

Add this into your daily routine, and it won’t take but a few extra seconds. Doing this simple step could change your whole day around. This is a secret a lot of moms leave stashed in their back pocket on how they look like they always have it together when in reality they are just like you. 

Take a Shower

Doing something as small as taking a shower will make you feel brand new inside and out. Take a long hot steamy shower. Maybe even exfoliate your legs, wash your hair and body and relax.

Step away from all the worries of the everyday task as a mom for a few moments to enjoy the relaxation. It always feels so lovely and refreshing after a nice hot shower. 

Paint Your Fingernails/Toenails

Painting your nails can instantly change your look and make you seem more put together. Pick out your favorite polish and make a night out of it for yourself.

Sit down, relax and enjoy pampering yourself. Maybe even invite some of your friends over and make a night out of it.

This may not look as good as if you paid to get it done, but it will still make you feel better about yourself and save some money.

Dress Up

Getting dressed and putting on clothes that make you feel confident and bring out your best features can always help brighten your mood.

Pick out a staple piece from your closet and get your favorite outfit on- even if you aren’t going anywhere, it will still leave you feeling beautiful.

Getting dressed for the day or putting on your favorite outfit is a small step you can take each day to feel like you’re glowing.

I frequently do this, whether I am going out or not (mostly not) but it makes me feel great. Sometimes I will grab a sexy dress I haven’t worn in forever and strut around the house in it. I feel sexy (and my husband loves it too!).

Full Face of Makeup

Whether you’re great at makeup or you’re still learning, most women feel more put together when they have some makeup on. The same as with dressing up, it doesn’t matter if you have nowhere to go and you’re just staying home; you can do your makeup to boost your self-esteem.

Makeup can make a huge difference with your appearance. You can watch youtube videos to learn how to apply makeup if you’re not confident in your abilities or if you’re still learning.

All the tips and tricks like contouring and highlighting; they can be daunting at first but having fun learning how to do your make-up is a great way to feel beautiful and more feminine.

Remember, at the end of the day to do your skincare routine when removing your makeup. Always moisturize and remove all of your makeup at the end of the day. 

Hair Mask

Using a hair mask can leave you feeling like you just went to the salon for a blowout. There are hundreds of hair masks you can choose from.

You can easily find these at almost any store nearby. Each mask is customized to fix different hair needs and hair types.

You can use a mask in place of conditioner and leave it on for just a bit to let it work its magic. Hair masks are easily affordable and make your hair feel rejuvenated. 

Positive Affirmations

A significant part of feeling more confident in yourself is believing in yourself and your abilities. Some easy ways to do this are by writing down positive affirmations about yourself. Write them on sticky notes and stick them around your house.

You can even keep a daily affirmation journal and look back on it daily if you’d like. Practice saying these positive affirmations to yourself every day and include them in your daily routine.

Doing this will build up your self-esteem and help you conquer hard days and struggles that come your way. 

Have You Learned How To Glow Up Yet?

Hopefully, after reading the top 8 tips on how to glow up, you feel more confident about yourself. Take a break from your daily duties as a mom and do something to enjoy yourself.

You deserve something to make you feel special, just like anyone else, so what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to something fun!

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