Choosing the right hair growth remedy when there are so many on the market these days isn’t easy.
But, I’ve got ya!
I have taken a deep dive into two beasts in the hair growth game and gone head to head with them: Biotin vs. Feel It Formula.

We’re looking at things like:
  • Efficacy
  • Application method (whether you want a topical or pill specifically, this is good to know)
  • Hair suitability (some topical products don’t work as well for different hair types)
  • How long to results?
  • Price (which, of course, overall will be determined by how it takes to get results
  • And all the rest…


Application Method: Pill
Active Ingredients: Biotin (Vitamin B7)
Hair Type Suitability: All Hair Types
Usage Frequency: Daily

What The Sales Page Doesn’t Tell You About Biotin

What’s the Real Deal with Biotin?

The Basics You Should Know

Biotin, you’ve probably heard, is like this magical pill for your hair and nails. It’s a vitamin—specifically, vitamin B7—and it’s all about helping your body convert food into energy. That’s great and all, but why should you care? Because biotin has a rep for being the go-to supplement if you want to give your hair and nails that extra oomph.

But let me be clear: it’s not a miracle worker. The product pages will have you believe that popping biotin is going to turn you into Rapunzel overnight. Spoiler alert: it won’t. What I’ve found is that while **biotin may help** with strengthening nails and giving a slight boost to hair growth, results vary big time from person to person.

And here’s something they don’t tell you right off the bat: if you already get enough biotin from your diet (think eggs, almonds, spinach etc.), popping extra pills isn’t going to do much.

Experiencing the Effects

So when I started taking biotin daily, it was mainly because my friend swore by it—said her nails stopped chipping like crazy. For me? Well, after a couple of months, my nails did seem less brittle. But honestly? The effect on my hair was kind of “meh”. Yes maybe a bit shinier but in terms of growth or thickness… not so much.

What they didn’t really tell me on the product page was how important consistency is with this stuff. You can’t just pop one and expect magic; it’s more of a long-game thing.

Side Effects Are A Thing

The Not-So-Great Part

Let’s talk side effects because there are some and they ain’t fun at all. Here’s what I wish someone had told me before I flooded my system with this supposed ‘fountain of youth’:

– Firstly, **breakouts can happen**, especially if your skin is prone to acne to begin with. – It might also mess with your lab tests which is pretty scary if doctors are trying to figure out what’s up with you. – Oh, and too much of this stuff can cause cramping or digestive issues because guess what—your body only needs so much!

This sort of info tends to get buried beneath glowing reviews about hair transformations so remember – everyone reacts differently!

Listen To Your Body

The key takeaway here should be: listen to your body! Just because Karen from accounting has amazing results doesn’t mean biotin will work miracles for everyone.

If something feels off once you start taking it regularly (hello pimples that weren’t there before), consider that maybe high-dose biotin supplements aren’t for you.

The Bottom Line on Biotin Supplements

Taking Them Responsibly

Here’s where I land on this: **biotin supplements have potential benefits** but they’re not without their drawbacks.

Be smart about how much you take – always follow the recommended dosage unless instructed otherwise by a healthcare professional. Plus check out if other aspects of your lifestyle could use tweaking first (diet changes anyone?) before depending solely on supplements.

And patience! If positive changes happen they’ll likely be subtle and slow-moving. Overall? Do your research beyond flashy advertising claims and make sure any health decision fits in seamlessly (and safely) into your life before diving headfirst into the bottle of Biotin 5000mcg or whatever dose catches your eye at the store.

Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Hair Growth Oil

Application Method: Topical (Oil)
Active Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil
Hair Type Suitability: All Hair Types
Usage Frequency: Varied

What The Sales Page Doesn’t Tell You About Feel It Formula

The Real Scoop on Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Hair Growth Oil

First Impressions and Packaging

Let’s dive in, shall we? The first thing I noticed about Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Hair Growth Oil is the packaging. It’s pretty eye-catching with its vibrant colors and promises of miraculous growth right on the front. You get that little tingle of hope that maybe, just maybe, this could be the product that turns your hair woes around.

Now, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it – the scent is… unique. Some people might find it herbal and invigorating; I found it a bit strong for my liking. But hey, if it works, I’m willing to deal with smelling like a walking botanical garden for a while.

Application Process – Not too complicated! The nozzle helps target those problem areas without making a mess. – You really do ‘feel it.’ There’s this warming sensation that makes you think it’s getting down to business.

User Experience and Daily Usage

I was intrigued by the whole ‘Feel It’ thing – kind of sounds like a superhero slogan, doesn’t it? And true enough, when you apply this oil to your scalp, you really do feel a tingling sensation! It gives me this sense of reassurance that something’s happening up there.

But let’s talk daily routine because consistency is key with these kinds of products: – Fitting it into my day wasn’t hard; I’d massage some oil into my scalp before bedtime. – Did I see instant results? Nope – but patience isn’t just a virtue; when growing hair, it’s essential. Texture and Consistency – The oil isn’t as heavy as some out there; no grease-fest on your pillowcase! – Absorbs relatively well if you don’t go overboard.

Effectiveness and Results

Results are why we’re all here! So did Dr. Miracle work miracles on my mane?

After several weeks of religious use: Hair Texture Improvements? – Some folks have sworn by its moisturizing prowess – my hair did feel softer! – Breakage seemed reduced which is always a win in my book. Growth Spurts Seen? – A definitive increase in growth? Hard to say… But there seemed to be less shedding which can look like growth over time. Still, remember – everyone’s hair responds differently!

The Not-so-Great Aspects

While there are good points to singing about (and who doesn’t love good points?), we gotta keep it one hundred here – there are bits that might not thrill you:

**Scent Sensitivity** Some noses might stage an all-out protest against the fragrance – be prepared or have an alternative ready if super strong scents aren’t your jam. **Miracle Waiting Room** This isn’t an overnight success story waiting to happen – persistence without immediate gratification can be tough for the impatient souls among us. **Oil Build-Up Risk** If you’re heavy-handed with application or have fine hair like mine: Could Get Oily Quick! Avoid going full-on oil slick by using sparingly. Diluting may help but test carefully! **Cost vs. Size** The price tag feels steep for how much product you actually get – especially when every drop counts towards achieving those hair goals.
Lasting Thoughts…
So would I recommend Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Hair Growth Oil? It’s got potential but manage those expectations– miracles might take longer than we’d like! Would love: * Bigger bottle size options? * A milder scent version? All said done: Worth trying? If curiosity gotcha or past products didn’t cut – sure thing! Not convinced? No harm done – plenty more fish (or oils) in the sea!

Final Comparison

Ingredient Quality

Biotin is a single nutrient focused on improving hair health. Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Hair Growth Oil combines various ingredients, including essential oils and herbal extracts, aimed at stimulating the scalp and hair growth. Winner: Feel It Formula for its comprehensive blend targeting multiple aspects of hair care.

Effectiveness for Hair Growth

Biotin is backed by numerous user reports for promoting fuller, thicker hair. Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula has testimonials of its effectiveness in stimulating hair growth. Winner: Tie, as both have supportive user experiences but lack extensive scientific evidence for hair growth specifically.

User Experience

Biotin supplements are convenient to use, but results may take time to notice. The Feel It Formula offers a sensory experience with its tingling sensation, which some users find enjoyable and indicative of action. Winner: Feel It Formula for immediate sensory feedback.

Additional Benefits

Biotin not only supports hair health but also benefits skin and nails. The Feel It Formula is designed primarily for hair growth and scalp health. Winner: Biotin, as it provides a broader range of benefits beyond just hair care.

Safety and Side Effects

Biotin is generally safe with minimal side effects when taken as recommended. Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula is also considered safe, but essential oils may cause irritation for some users. Winner: Biotin for its high safety profile.


Biotin supplements can be more cost-effective over time, while specialty hair oils like Feel It Formula may come at a higher price point due to their blend of ingredients. Winner: Biotin, offering more value in the long run.

Versatility of Use

Biotin can be found in various forms such as tablets, shampoos, and creams. The Feel It Formula is a specific product limited to topical application. Winner: Biotin, for its flexibility in how it can be incorporated into a wellness routine. For further insights into hair health supplements, you might find the comparisons between Nutrafol and Biotin, or the face-off between Rogaine and Propecia, quite enlightening. Additionally, explore how other products stack up with reviews like Hairfinity vs Shedavi and Hair La Vie vs Hairfinity.

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