Whether your skin is light brown, dark brown, or black, you can have a clear and radiant complexion.

Many people think that having glowing black skin is a challenge, but it’s actually quite easy to achieve with the right tips and products. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get clear and glowing black skin in no time!

Glowing Black Skin: Tips For A Clear, Radiant Complexion

How Important Is Your Nutrition In Achieving Clear Glowing Black Skin?

How Important Is Your Nutrition In Achieving Clear Glowing Black Skin?

As an integral part of every woman’s skincare routine, besides a good cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing routine, a woman’s skin requires adequate nutrition.

There are many processes going on in the deeper layers of the skin, and we do need certain nutrients from our DIET to get beautiful skin, as well as keep these processes working.

There’s sebum production, hair shaft production, energy to operate the sweat glands and pores, as well as materials being produced for the development of healthy new skin cells to replace those old skin cells that have worn out.

The Source of These Nutrients Comes from the Diet.

The Source of These Nutrients Comes from the Diet.

The nutrients are then dispersed in the bloodstream, which reaches the skin through the body’s smallest blood vessels – the capillaries.

And, since nourishment for the skin comes from the bloodstream, not the surface of your skin (as some cosmetic companies like to claim), the idea of feeding it from the outside makes no sense. No, natural nutrition for the skin comes from internal circulation!

Topical Oils & Chemicals

However, your skin isn’t entirely impermeable or ‘un-penetrable’ to external treatments, and certain chemical ingredients, as well as 100% essential oils, can indeed penetrate the skin – due to their low molecular weight.

So, they can penetrate your skin and pores to eventually reach the bloodstream – although some of these chemicals may be toxic to the skin.

That is also why you should be careful about the chemical ingredients in those cosmetics you’re using.

The medical world has taken advantage of this particular process to administer hormones, steroids, and certain vitamins through the skin, but I will emphasize that this is a rather unusual procedure and should only be done under the supervision of a physician.

Skin Foods

Anyway, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of FOOD for our skin, and nutrition for the skin is just like that for any other part of the body.

The ‘skin foods’ we may choose to eat will be assimilated through the digestive tract, and the nutrients will also be carried by the blood to the organs, as well as to the cells of the body that need them.

Now, healthy and beautiful black skin is usually skin that’s well nourished through these natural processes. And, skin cells need pretty much the same nutrients as the rest of your body.

Your skin requires not only vitamins and minerals, but it needs proteins to manufacture new cells and carbohydrates for energy.

Also, lovelies, common vitamin deficiencies are linked with several specific skin conditions that adversely affect the skin, so I’ll now go into some of the best vitamins for skin and your feminine beauty…

Get Glowing Black Skin By Getting Enough Vit A;

Get Glowing Black Skin By Getting Enough Vit A;

1. Vitamin A – is found abundantly in butter but also present in all fish, as well as in yellow fruits and vegetables.

It’s a very important skin vitamin doves, and if it’s lacking in a woman’s diet, the cosmetic effects can be dry, rough skin, as well as splotchy sand rather unsightly marks on the skin. Getting enough Vitamin A in our diet is not that difficult, as long as our diet is a varied one.

Eating a few meals of fish such as salmon or tuna and regular eating of yellow fruits and vegetables will readily supply the daily requirement of Vitamin A for the skin.

However, too much Vitamin A can also be dangerous. One of the symptoms of A ‘hypervitaminosis’ (too much vitamin A) can also be the loss of your hair.

Get Glowing Black Skin By Getting Enough Vit B;

Get Glowing Black Skin By Getting Enough Vit B;

2. Vitamin B – is a complex composition of different substances, including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, and Vitamin B12 – which is essential for the prevention of anemia and putting color in your cheeks!

It aids in the formation of protein in the body, as well as in the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.

Deficiencies of the various components of the Vitamin B complex can cause a variety of skin ailments, including many alterations of the skin.

Riboflavin deficiency, for example, is primarily manifested by itching, scaling, and cracking of the skin – especially on the lips! Interestingly too, pantothenic acid, also in the B vitamin group, is believed to be essential for maintaining hair color.

Get Glowing Black Skin By Getting Enough Vit C;

Get Glowing Black Skin By Getting Enough Vit C;

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is absolutely wonderful for skincare and helps to produce collagen in the skin.

Oranges, lemons, and berries provide plenty of vitamin C, as do peppers, rose-hips, potatoes, and uncooked cabbage.

A lack of vitamin C can cause red spots on the skin around the hair follicles and sweat pores. It can also cause premature aging of the skin.

Get Glowing Black Skin By Getting Enough Vit E;

Vitamin E is found in so many foods and has been found useful in large doses for helping the healing of scars various skin diseases, including ulcers of the skin and is believed to be very important in the function of the ‘corium,’ or true skin.

The Roundup

As you can see, there are several vitamins that are essential for beautiful skin. In caring for our skin, we must remember that healthy and radiant skin is pleasing to the eye and that a woman can’t ever be considered truly attractive if her skin is blemished, chafed, irritated, heavily wrinkled, or discolored.

In addition, any woman who doesn’t care properly for her skin may already have an appearance that’s below standard.

Some women even have a ‘who cares?’ attitude about their physical appearance, tending to neglect their skin and body rest. This isn’t ideal, Shlups, and you may be able to get away with it for a little while, but time will show the effects!

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