What are some ways to make your hair soft and silky at home?

There is a sexy feeling of confidence and elegance that soft and silky hair brings to you. It brightens your face while making you feel absolutely radiant and fabulous. It is no secret that we all want to feel good and beautiful but sometimes, dry and brittle hair stands between us and our inner gloriousness. 

A lot of factors may contribute to your hair not being as silky and soft as you want it to be such as;

  • the weather
  • climate change
  • lack of healthy diet
  • postpartum hormones and hormonal changes
  • dehydration
  • ageing
  • using the wrong hair products for our hair type
  • unhealthy hair practices
  • rough linen, and so on.

All these may cause your hair to be stripped of natural oil, leaving it dry. 

If you are currently facing this hair issue and you are currently looking for how to make your hair soft and silky at home, do not be dismayed.

From the comfort of your home, you can make your hair soft and silky with the 7 easy remedies discussed below. 

How To Make Your Hair Soft And Silky At Home

Some Ways To Make Your Hair Soft And Silky At Home

1. Applying Aloe Vera Leaf Gel To Your Hair. 

Aloe Vera leaves contain a lot of vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and E. These Vitamins are capable of promoting healthy and shiny hair.

If you have dry hair and you want it soft and shiny, the gel from Aloe Vera leaves is one of the easy remedies for achieving that hair goal.

All you have to do is extract the gel from the leaves then rub it on your hair in such a way it penetrates the hair scalp.

Leave the Aloe Vera in your hair for an hour and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Aloe Vera leaves are very safe for your hair, so there is no risk of having harsh chemicals damage your hair after application. 

2. Hot Oil Therapy. 

Hot oil therapy is the most popular options when it comes to getting healthier, softer, and shiny hair. However, getting these treatments done professionally, at a salon can become quite expensive.

Hot oil treatments cater to the root of the hair and scalp and strengthen hair follicles leaving you with softer, shinier tresses.

Hot oil scalp massages moisturize the hair from the root so it shines all the way to the hair tip.

It prevents dryness which causes your hair to be more lustrous.

Hot oil remedies can be easily done at home by heating the appropriate oil for your hair and slowly massaging the scalp.

People with very dry hair are advised to opt for oils such as coconut oil while those with naturally oily hair can use almond oils and other similar, light oils.

3. ACV Rinse. 

ACV rinse means Apple Cider Vinegar rinse and it is one of the proven remedies that ensure that your hair is lustrous and shiny.

Apple cider is made using fermented apples. And, of course, apples are known to be loaded with nutrients such as potassium sulfate, calcium, and a host of other nutrients.

When choosing an Apple Cider Vinegar, I always recommend buying a brand ‘with the mother’.

This way you can get even more usage out of the product as ACV with the mother also offers some astounding weight-loss and appetite suppressant benefits in addition to glowing up your hair.

Two (and many more) for one!

In addition to these nutrients, apple cider is fortified with acids and enzymes. Doing an ACV rinse two to three times per week is capable of strengthening the hair in such a way that the outer layer of the hair is hardened, this causes the hair to shine and sway easily. 

4. Sulphate-free Shampoo. 

In recent times, the hair industry has gradually moved away from products that are sulfate-based and has shifted to sulfate-free products. Sulfate-based products are known for attracting oil and water to the hair in such a way that it is washed from the hair. 

Applying sulfate-based shampoo on the hair strips the hair of natural oil and as a result of this, the hair is left dry and brittle. Sulfate-free shampoos maintain the natural oils on the hair and keep it moisturized. If you are seeking soft and silky hair, avoiding sulfate-based shampoos is very important. 

5. Using A Good Hair Mask. 

Using hair masks is another very effective way to achieve healthy hair that is both soft and silky. Hair masks are deep conditioning treatments that not only help to restore damaged hair, it also keeps the hair moisturized.  

Using a hair mask at least once per week can help to prevent dry and frizzy hair. It can be left for three minutes or overnight depending on the hair time and then washed with a mild shampoo. Hair masks contain ingredients such as lipids that are heavier in concentration compared to regular conditioners. 

6. Avocado.

Avocados are extremely nutritious and they contain essential vitamins that make the hair healthy, hydrated, and shiny. It is a good source of biotin that helps in hair growth. The minerals found in avocados such as magnesium and potassium seals the hair cuticle in such a way that helps your hair remain moisturized and shiny.

 Avocados can be used for hair masks, avocado oils could also be applied on the hair to help it stay moisturized and silky. 

7. Eating Healthy.  

Your diet is capable of affecting your hair and the way it looks or feels. Lack of specific nutrients in your diet may reflect in your hair and the way it looks. For silky and soft hair, it is advisable to eat foods high in protein, hydrate regularly, and snack healthy. 

Your hair needs enough nutrients to grow healthy, lack of healthy nutrition may have adverse effects on hair growth and hair structure. 

This also includes drinking more water. You can apply as much shampoo and conditioner as you want, but if you are not feeding your hair the water from within, it will still be dehydrated.


Life may not be perfect but your hair can be. If your bad hair days are riddled with a dry and frizzy hair texture that is not shiny and attractive; you do not need to go all out trying different hair products that might be harmful to your hair.

From the comfort of your home, you can achieve healthy, shiny, and silky hair every single day in such a way you have no bad hair days. All you have to do is apply the 7 easy remedies discussed in the article. If after applying these remedies, you still do not get the results you want, kindly speak to a hair expert or visit a dermatologist or trichologist.

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