Why Focus on Soft Femininity

Many women strive to tap into their feminine essence and cultivate a “soft life” filled with relaxation and pampering. This often becomes a goal at the start of a new year. However, shifting your habits and mindset to actually create this lifestyle can be challenging.

The key is to start with small daily actions to embrace your femininity – these will compound over time. Before you know it, living soft will be second nature.

Some examples of easing into your feminine side include:

  • Wearing pastel and floral colors
  • Listing hobbies like baking, gardening, etc.
  • Not overexerting yourself for other people
  • Letting dating prospects pursue you first

The energy you put out determines what you attract. Women embodying their feminine goddess selves draw in masculine provider type partners. So focus on radiating softness and comfort within yourself first.

Set the Atmosphere

Living a Soft

Your environment is key for maintaining a feminine frame of mind daily. When you carve out serene, orderly spaces filled with candles, fresh flowers and artwork it rubs off on you.

Making your home a soft oasis helps ensure you recharge in the evenings and wake up feeling balanced. Specific ideas for atmospheric enhancements include:

  • Tablescapes with fine china place settings
  • Growing roses and other florals
  • Listening to mellow or classical music
  • Lighting sweet-scented candles
  • Displaying velvet pillows and soft fabrics

When you feel nurtured by surroundings reflecting inner and outer beauty back at you, it perpetuates the lifestyle. Host visitors once your habitat is set up to radiate delicateness. Their positive reaction becomes yet another encouragement to keep your feminine creature comforts alive.

Have Goals Supporting Your Vision

Now let’s talk strategy. Maintaining an enhanced level of femininity takes intention. You must remain fixed on the end goal of the “soft life” you desire.

Otherwise it’s easy to slip back into masculine hustle habits out of habit. To stay on track, make sure your goals across categories tie into your oasis ambiance vision.

For example, set style goals like:

  • Shopping for more dresses vs. pants outfits
  • Buying dainty jewelry pieces
  • Getting weekly manicures

Or relationship goals like:

  • Vetting guys based on provider potential
  • Waiting for men to initiate contact
  • Protecting your energy by not chasing

When all areas of life support relaxed femininity, you start naturally attracting abundance. The paradox is you start receiving more by focusing less on doing, hustling and achieving. Embrace receptive energy.

More Feminine Lifestyle Tips

Here are some additional pointers that help enable living softly:

  • Accepting gifts and support from masculine partners
  • Showing affection through touch
  • Reciprocating effort based on investment received

Monitor your habits to ensure you conserve energy. Outsource tasks like:

  • House cleaning
  • Yardwork
  • Heavy lifting

It’s also key to indulge the senses through:

  • Taking aromatic baths
  • Enjoying delicious, healthy treats

And make time for beautifying self-care like:

  • At-home spa sessions
  • Following hair/skin care regimens

When you take pleasure in feeling pampered, you exude goddess confidence energy. This attracts providers who will delight in lavishing you with creature comforts.


You now have an expanded blueprint for transforming day-to-day life into softness and flow. It begins with bringing luxuries like candles, music and flowers into your space.

Next set fem-aligned goals across categories like style, dating and leisure time. Stay consistent in dressing, conversing and moving gracefully.

What does living a soft life mean?

Living a soft life refers to leading a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, often characterized by minimal challenges, difficulties, or hardships.

How to afford a soft life?

Create a budget, reduce unnecessary expenses, increase income sources, prioritize saving, and invest wisely… or find a man to help fund your lifestyle, duh!

How do I create a soft life for myself?

Focus on self-care, set clear boundaries, prioritize activities that bring you joy, surround yourself with positive and supportive people, practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques, and make time for hobbies and activities that help you unwind.

Who came up with the term soft life?

It is arguable but apparantly, the term soft life was coined by Nigerian musician and songwriter Burna Boy. Others believe content creators like SheraSeven have been talking about this concept for over a decade.

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