This article contrasts two widely used medications for hair growth: Viviscal and Finasteride.

In order to give an objective comparison, I’m using both items simultaneously. It’s possible that both products deliver as promised, but neither is a good fit for your specific needs, hair type, or hair development objectives.

Both products assert that they will facilitate and advance hair development. Both of their active ingredients are unique and highly regarded.

Which of these two is the better choice?

Here, I’ll discuss the two options in terms of the most important factors in hair growth supplements and draw some conclusions about which one is better.

The Main Difference Between Viviscal and Finasteride

  • effectiveness,
  • side effects and
  • cost.


Biotin, zinc, iron, vitamin C, and horsetail extract are just some of the ingredients in Viviscal, a natural supplement designed to promote hair growth.

Also included is a distinctive marine complex made from shark cartilage and mollusk powder called AminoMar CTM Marine Complex, which helps to nourish the scalp and promotes the growth of healthy hair follicles.

There have been no major reports of adverse effects since the product’s introduction in 1989; nonetheless, some users have had slight digestive difficulties. In addition, the monthly cost averages out to be under $50. (depending on where you buy it).


To treat male pattern baldness or enlarged prostates, many men take finasteride, a prescription medicine. The active ingredient prevents testosterone from being converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can lower testosterone levels in the blood while increasing hair growth on the scalp.

Although finasteride is generally safe to use long-term, some users have reported sexual side-effects including lower libido and erectile problems, making this option less than ideal for individuals seeking natural alternatives without hazards.

Finasteride is more expensive than alternatives like Viviscal, costing anywhere from $80 to $100 or more monthly depending on the dose, frequency of use, and other factors.

As a conclusion, while both products claim to stimulate healthy hair development, they also each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for something stronger, Finasteride might be the ticket; but, if you value ease of use and cost-effectiveness more highly, you might want to consider trying Viviscal instead. Just make sure that none of the other meds you take interact negatively with its contents!

How These Hair Growth Products Actually Work

A Closer Look At Viviscal

It is good to look at these products from multiple angles, as one person’s experience will differ from another’s. So a lot can definitely be gained from these perspectives.

•Viviscal is a supplement pill that has been clinically proven to help with hair growth, thickness, and shedding. It is backed by 25 years of research and development and 10 published clinical studies.
• The proprietary Aminomar Collagen Complex helps to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth. It is 100% drug free and made with key ingredients like biotin, zinc, vitamin C, iron, niacin, etc.
• Viviscal has won the Harper’s Bazaar Anti-Aging Award 2020 for its formulation.

A Closer Look At Finasteride

As you know, a company can claim anything, but whether or not it’s true, is a whole ‘nother story! Always watch and read additional reviews from real customers!

Finasteride is prescription-only.

If you are still on the fence, don’t worry – your hair growth solution may be neither of these products!

Another review you might find useful is this one I did on Viviscal Vs Folexin. I break down their pros, cons and what will determine if it is right for you. Likewise, Viviscal Vs Nioxin, compares another two leading products people often cannot decide between.

Some other strong comparisons are Sugar Bear Hair Vs Hairburst, Sugar Bear Hair Vs Biotin and Sugar Bear Hair Vs Nutrafol!

I know what you are thinking, too many options! But honestly, it really is worth triple-checking before parting with your hard-earned cash!

Hair Growth Vitamins For 4c Hair

Here are some quality hair growth vitamin options to consider:

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