Viviscal and Perfectil, two well-known hair-growth products, are being contrasted today.

For a fair evaluation, I am comparing the two goods side by side. Both products may be effective and true to their promises, but it’s possible that one or the other won’t work for your needs, hair type, or hair development objectives.

Both products promise to encourage and increase hair growth. Both of them are well regarded and have various active components.

Which item is therefore the better purchase?

I’ve contrasted the two items in this article and concentrated on what’s crucial when choosing a hair growth supplement:

The Main Difference Between Viviscal and Perfectil

  • effectiveness,
  • ingredients and
  • value for money.


Numerous celebrities have supported the clinically-proven hair growth product Viviscal. It includes the scientifically designed AminoMar C marine complex, which nourishes thinning hair from the inside out. Without the use of harsh chemicals or pharmaceuticals, this special blend of vitamins, minerals, and shark cartilage encourages healthy hair development from within the body.

Additionally, Viviscal contains Biotin and Zinc to support normal hair health. These two vital elements are crucial for maintaining a healthy, glossy mane.

With clinical research indicating it can minimize shedding after three months of use, as well as enhance general thickness and look of the hair over time, Viviscal has a good track record of success.

It is also great for all users, especially those with sensitive scalps or drug allergies, due to its all-natural ingredients.


When it comes to natural dietary supplements for supporting healthier-looking locks, Perfectil is another well-liked option. It comprises a potent combination of important vitamins that have been carefully chosen for their capacity to promote strong strands from root to tip!

The formula contains Millet extract, a potent antioxidant, Vitamin A, Biotin, Selenium, and Iron & Copper, all of which work in harmony to boost overall vitality during times when your mane may be feeling weak or lacking volume due to stressors like dieting or environmental factors like sun exposure, etc.

Additionally, Perfectil also promotes new cell generation to strengthen the hair follicles.

However, when it comes to effectiveness, Perfectil falls short of Viviscal: while some users report improvements in length/volume after 3 months, others discover that it can take up to 6–12 weeks before they actually notice a difference in their own personal results.

Still, Perfectil might be worth taking into consideration if you’re searching for something mild enough to not only not irritate skin but also offer other advantages like enhanced collagen production.

How These Hair Growth Products Actually Work

A Closer Look At Viviscal

Given that every person’s experience will be different from one another, it is wise to examine these products from a variety of perspectives. Therefore, there is undoubtedly much to be gained from their viewpoints.

  • Clinical studies have shown that the dietary supplement vimical promotes thicker, longer, and less losing hair. Ten published clinical trials and 25 years of research and development support it.
  • The patented Aminomar Collagen Complex supports existing hair growth and nourishes thinning hair. It is manufactured with vital components like biotin, zinc, vitamin C, iron, niacin, and others and is completely drug-free.
  • Viviscal’s formulation was recognized with the 2020 Harper’s Bazaar Anti-Aging Award.

A Closer Look At Perfectil

As you know, a company can claim anything, but whether or not it’s true, is a whole ‘nother story! Always watch and read additional reviews from real customers!

If you are still on the fence, don’t worry – your hair growth solution may be neither of these products!

Another review you might find useful is this one I did on Viviscal Vs Finasteride. I break down their pros, cons and what will determine if it is right for you. Likewise, Viviscal Vs Folexin, compares another two leading products people often cannot decide between.

Some other strong comparisons are Viviscal Vs Nioxin, Sugar Bear Hair Vs Hairburst and Sugar Bear Hair Vs Biotin!

I know what you are thinking, too many options! But honestly, it really is worth triple-checking before parting with your hard-earned cash!

Hair Growth Vitamins For 4c Hair

Here are some quality hair growth vitamin options to consider:

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