When it comes to finding the right partner, many women feel like they are looking for a needle in a haystack. It seems like all of the good men are taken, and it’s hard to find someone who wants marriage and children.

If you’re feeling frustrated and discouraged, don’t worry! We have some tips that can help you attract the man of your dreams. Follow these seven tips, and you will be well on your way to finding Mr. Right!

7 Tips to Attract a Man Who Wants Marriage: Find the Right Partner for You

7 Tips on How to Attract a Man Who Wants Marriage

Attracting a good man who wants marriage isn’t always as easy as we’d like, is it Shlups?! Besides a shortage of marriageable men, there can also be many common mistakes that even a physically attractive woman can make that will hinder her from gaining a marriageable man’s attraction, interest, and desire.

So, the most important thing in attracting a man and ultimately becoming his wife is to learn about the psychology of men, as well as what men most like and want in a woman (I’ll be going a lot more into these subjects later on.)

Attracting a man who wants marriage also requires patience, as we all know that not every man out there is looking for marriage!

However, there are a few things you can start to do now, that will help you be beautiful and appealing to the men who DO want marriage.

You already know that attracting a good man is all about becoming the most attractive and appealing woman you can possibly be.

Moreover, your chances of getting a marriage proposal from the one you want can be enhanced by practicing the following tips;

1. Be Physically Appealing

1. Be Physically Appealing

Make yourself as physically appealing and as feminine as possible. For reasons of prestige and image, a man (especially a high-status man) often wants to prove to his friends that he’s attracted a ‘babe’ or a ‘looker’ when showing off his new girlfriend.

But, it is also important to note that once a man’s attention is had, looks for a man will become a secondary consideration. From then on in, you stand or fall on your personality and character.

2. Make Him NEED

If you want to attract a certain marriageable man, you’ll also need to do two important things;

A. You must make that man feel an even stronger need to have a wife.

B. You must make him feel that YOU are the woman who best fits that need – by being perfect wife material.

3. Subtly Talk About His Needs To Him

Discuss such things as;

  • good food
  • comfortable furniture
  • a cozy place where one can bring friends
  • romantic and sensual satisfaction
  • a happy family life etc.

In addition, get his own ideas on the style of home he likes, his favorite foods and pleasures, and his own ideas on family and children.

Do all this in a friendly and optimistic way, and avoid like the plague, discussing some of the negatives that marriage can entail.

Another good tip is to talk casually about your married friends, and get across the idea that they’re very happily married.

4. Appeal To His Natural Yearning For MASTERY

4. Appeal To His Natural Yearning For MASTERY

Every masculine or alpha male wants to feel like he’s in control of his life and environment. By appealing to this side of him, you can trigger his protective instincts – making him want to take care of and provide for you.

How do you do this? Appreciate everything about him that makes him a man; from the way he moves, talks, smells by being yielding and feminine, as well as giving him the opportunity to speak and lead.

Let him know how successful he must be at his work and how capable and strong he is in general. Follow his words with genuine interest, and try to fall in with whatever mood he’s in.

This is called ‘mirroring’ and helps to make a man more comfortable, as well as more open to you. In addition, try to minimize any mistakes that he may make with gentle good humor.

5. Honey, You Are Flawless!

Attract A Man Who Wants Marriage

When you’re talking about yourself, make certain to NOT talk about or dwell on any negative things.

If you keep doing that, a man will start to neuro-associate you with negativity. You certainly don’t want that, do you? So, don’t tell him anything that’s predominantly negative or depressing or about the bad things that happened to you growing up.

NEVER talk about your past relationship woes, either. In addition, don’t discuss any poor physical health you may have, the perpetual ‘bad luck’ you may feel you have, or your strange knack for always getting into trouble.

Another important thing is to never be a woman who runs other people down! That’s so unattractive. Desirable women know they are desirable and do not act in such ways. Instead, be friendly, positive, sweet, sincere, interesting…. and keep your conversations upbeat and positive.

6. Don’t Be Too Available…

Even though your ultimate goal is marriage to a good man, don’t be too available for dating one! Remember that men are most attracted to women who are hard to get, and it’s only human nature to ‘want what we can’t have.’

So, be a little hard to get, and allow the one you want to miss you a bit. It can also be a good thing to give a man the impression that other men are interested in you (which they should be anyway;-))

However, be subtle about making this impression of popularity with men, and don’t brag about the fact!

7. Lasting Impressions

Attract A Man Who Wants Marriage

Strive to make every date and occasion with this marriageable man the most satisfying and enjoyable one that he’s ever had (I’ll be going more into that in later posts.)

The Rundown

Basically, to attract a man who wants marriage and inspire a marriage proposal, you’re constantly setting up conditions and situations which make the man feel very attracted to you, as well as so good inside whenever he’s around you.

If you do this well enough (and follow my other love advice,) soon the one you want may start thinking how nice it would be to have that feeling for the rest of his life.

And that’s exactly the kind of mood in which marriage proposals are inspired and germinate!

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