Choosing the right hair growth remedy when there are so many on the market these days isn’t easy.
But, I’ve got ya!
I have taken a deep dive into two beasts in the hair growth game and gone head to head with them: Feel It Formula vs. Rogaine.

We’re looking at things like:
  • Efficacy
  • Application method (whether you want a topical or pill specifically, this is good to know)
  • Hair suitability (some topical products don’t work as well for different hair types)
  • How long to results?
  • Price (which, of course, overall will be determined by how it takes to get results
  • And all the rest…

Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Hair Growth Oil

Application Method: Topical (Oil)
Active Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil
Hair Type Suitability: All Hair Types
Usage Frequency: Varied

What The Sales Page Doesn’t Tell You About Feel It Formula

First Impressions of Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Hair Growth Oil

Packaging and Initial Thoughts

When I first got my hands on Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Hair Growth Oil, my attention was instantly grabbed by the bold design of the bottle. It’s eye-catching, and the branding is consistent with the Dr. Miracle range, which gave me a sense of familiarity if you’ve used their products before.

Opening it up, there was a distinct herbal scent that hit me – not unpleasant, but definitely noticeable. If you’re sensitive to smells, this might be something to consider. The consistency was another thing I clocked right away; it wasn’t too thick or greasy feeling which I appreciated.

Application Experience

Applying the oil to my scalp was straightforward –the nozzle made it easy to direct the oil exactly where I wanted it without making a mess. And true to its name, that “feel it” tingle? Yeah, you feel it alright! It’s a warming sensation that gives a sense of something happening up there on your head.

Long-Term Use and Effectiveness

Hair Growth & Scalp Health

So here’s where things get real: does this stuff actually work? Here’s what I found after consistent use: – The whole ‘hair growth miracle’ didn’t happen overnight – patience is key. – With regular use over several weeks, I did notice some areas looking fuller. – My scalp felt healthier and more stimulated overall, which makes sense because of that “tingly feeling” everyone talks about. But let’s not gloss over some realities: – This isn’t going to reverse baldness or work hair miracles for everyone. – Results can take time and might be subtler than what some might hope for.

User Tip: Consistency Is Key

Honestly speaking from experience here – if you’re going in with this oil, make sure you’re committed to using it regularly. Skipping days or not following through won’t do your hair any favors.

The Good and The Not So Good

The Upsides:

First off, here are the positives from using Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Hair Growth Oil: – Non-greasy feel: Loved how it didn’t weigh my hair down. – Tingle factor: Felt like proof of activation on my scalp. – Noticeable results: With commitment came some fuller spots.

And now for some drawbacks: – Scent: Not for everyone; can linger longer than expected. – Patience needed:: Results aren’t instant – could be disappointing if you want quick fixes.

The bottom line is that while this product has its perks—like easing into your existing routine pretty well—it won’t perform miracles without dedication on your part.

I have mixed feelings about recommending Dr. Miracle’s oil universally because hair types vary so much; what works wonders for one person may be just “meh” for another.

So would I buy it again? Maybe – especially since as far as these types of products go, this one doesn’t break the bank too hard and seems like decent value considering how long a bottle lasts.
Remember though: whether you’re considering trying out this product or already knee-deep in your hair growth journey with Dr. Miracle’s in hand – keep realistic expectations and give time some time.


Application Method: Topical (Foam/Solution)
Active Ingredients: Minoxidil
Hair Type Suitability: Thinning Hair
Usage Frequency: Twice Daily

What The Sales Page Doesn’t Tell You About Rogaine

Initial Impressions of Rogaine

Unboxing and Product Design

When I first got my hands on Rogaine, I’ll admit, there was a mixture of excitement and skepticism. You see, battling hair loss is no joke, and finding something that promises to help is like grabbing onto a lifeline. The packaging was pretty straightforward – nothing too fancy but it did give off a “clinical” vibe, which I suppose adds to the seriousness of its purpose.

I picked up the foam version because, let’s face it, simplicity in application is key for something you have to use daily. It’s compact enough that it doesn’t take up much space on my bathroom counter which is definitely a plus in my book.

First Application Experience

Reading the instructions felt like I was prepping for a minor medical procedure – but in reality, applying Rogaine foam was surprisingly easy. The initial sensation was slightly cold on the scalp with a faint medicinal smell that lingered for a bit. Not gonna lie though: deep down I was hoping for that immediate sense of “Wow, this stuff is working!” but patience is part of the game here.

The good: Simple application process; fits easily into daily routines. The bad: Smell can be noticeable; no instant gratification.

The Waiting Game

Persistence and Patience Required

Rogaine isn’t an overnight miracle – far from it actually. The commitment level required should not be underestimated. We’re talking about making this part of your daily regimen for months before you potentially see results.

In those early days, every time I applied it, there was this little ritual of examining my hairline or thinning patch with hope…and yeah, often disappointment when change wasn’t visible yet. But hey, they do say patience pays off right? So onwards!

The good: Can become just another step in your grooming routine. The bad: Results take time; you need to stay consistent even without immediate payoff.

Mixed Emotions & Visible Results

A Rollercoaster Journey with Some Upsides

It took several months before I started noticing anything different with my hair situation – and even then it wasn’t like some dramatic reveal you’d find in makeover shows. Reactions among us users can be all over the place because results vary so widely.

For me personally? There were signs of regrowth where once there were only fond memories of hair past… so yeah that felt quite rewarding after sticking with the program every day without fail.

**The good:** Watching new hairs sprout can boost your confidence. **The bad:** It’s tough not to get discouraged during the long wait for noticeable change.

Coping with Side Effects & Costs

The Nitty Gritty No One Enjoys Talking About

If there’s anything more real than waiting months for hair to grow back – it’s dealing with side effects. Now not everyone will experience them but if you do? They’re kind of annoying… A little skin irritation here or some dryness there can leave you second-guessing if this journey’s worth it.

And then there’s the cost aspect – maintaining this new hairy pursuit does burn a hole through your wallet over time since consistency means buying more product regularly.

**The good:** When side effects are minimal/nonexistent; having access to an OTC solution. **The bad:** Potential skin irritation; ongoing expense adds up over time. To wrap things up: Rogaine, from my experience at least – could be worth trying if losing your locks has got you down. Just remember: This ride requires buckling up for longevity and expense while staying hopeful amidst uncertainty – all while possibly smelling faintly medicinal under your newfound fuzz!

Final Comparison


Winner: Tie
Both Feel It Formula and Rogaine rely on minoxidil; results should be comparable. No clear winner, as effectiveness hinges on the active ingredient.

Side Effects

Winner: Tie
Side effects are tied to minoxidil use in both products. Watch for irritant contact dermatitis and consult a doc if anything funky pops up.


Winner: Feel It Formula
Feel It Formula often edges out on affordability when stacked against Rogaine’s brand markup. More cash left for your wallet? Yes, please.

User Satisfaction

Winner: Rogaine
Rogaine’s rep and user-friendly features often lead to higher user satisfaction scores. People dig the confidence that comes with a well-known brand.

Application Comfort and Absorption

Winner: Depends on Preference
Foam vs liquid? It’s all about what feels right for you. Some swear by the foam’s ease, others are team liquid for precision. Check out what works best for styling safely.

Additional Features

Winner: Rogaine
Rogaine often includes nifty applicators and might even smell better, thanks to added fragrance. These little perks can make a big difference in daily routines.
Remember, your hair journey is unique. Whether you lean towards holistic approaches or trust in tried-and-true solutions, it’s all about finding what meshes with your lifestyle and sticking to it. Patience is key, as is keeping an eye out for any scalp issues. And hey, if you’re curious about other hair supplements, take a peek at how Hairfinity stacks up against biotin. Happy hair growing!

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