Being feminine is often seen as a very traditional and old-fashioned trait. But the reality is that many women want to be more feminine but don’t know how!

In this blog post, we are going to share with you 10 tips on how you can start being more feminine today!

Recovering From Conditioning

There are so many ways to be a woman, but no one way is the right or best. There’s probably been times where you feel like there isn’t anything that can help you get back on track and re-embrace your femininity. But I’ve got great news for all of us: This post will do it!

Being hard has gotten easier with time because we’re forced into being tough in order to survive our lives’ harshest moments!

We live in a society where people are always telling us what to do and how to be. It’s important that, as a woman, you don’t let other people’s opinions dictate who you should be or the circumstances your life is built on.

You have control over yourself by using all this time building up strength from these events happening throughout your life, so when tough situations come along, it won’t take away everything about who you really are, which is what can happen if not careful.

When you live your life in defense mode, robbing yourself of happiness and joy is inevitable. You’re living not just for the moment but also reacting to people’s reactions which makes it hard to really enjoy anything without hesitation.

1. Rebranding Yourself And Reconstructing

Think about this next stage in your life, where you welcome your feminity; as rebranding. You are rebranding yourself as a person.

Because if you don’t rebrand yourself and you simply try to add these things to your life, you will not stick with them. They will be more like a crash diet than a lifestyle change, and in no time, you will revert back to your old ways.

In order for you to truly embrace womanhood and learn how to be more feminine and soft, you have to reconstruct your entire essence as a woman.

If you were a business, essentially what you would be doing is.

  • Changing the label.
  • Changing the packaging.
  • Changing the way you advertise and market.
  • Changing the price.

Sure, at first, people will question the changes, but then they get used to it and they move on. So do not be afraid to adopt an out with the old, in with the new mentality.

And certainly, do not worry about what people will think of the new you!

As a woman, femininity is typically associated with softness. This can be therapeutic for women who grew up in dangerous neighborhoods or were raised as the only girl among many boys.

If you’ve given yourself over to being tough and hardened your emotions out of fear that they would get hurt again, this article will show you how to soften back down without compromising on strength. You will learn that some feminine qualities: including vulnerability and emotional openness, do not mean weakness, but rather are a huge part of your strength as a woman.

So let’s get into it!

2. How To Be More Feminine And Soft Starting With Your Appearance

So as a woman, there are many ways to be soft and feminine. The first way is by simply looking the part which entails paying attention to all aspects of your body, such as the hands, teeth, skin, clothes, shoes, etc, so that everything you wear or put on looks put together.

After you wash your hands, apply lotion. When you take showers and put on oil after every shower or bath to keep skin soft.

Pay close attention to the care of your face in the morning and evening with things like washing it off gently with a wet towel then applying moisturizer regularly for healthy-looking skin that is free from harmful particles such as dirt, makeup buildup etc.

By using masks once or twice per week (which work well when done before bedtime), you will have much healthier skin.

Additionally, small things like applying SPF to protect your skin from harmful rays and making sure that your skin looks even more hydrated putting on moisturizer after you wash your face.

Remember, whatever you do (or don’t) do to your skin will show up in the future, whether 10 or 20 years from now. And you will be buying all sorts of “reverse aging” creams and expensive rejuvenation treatments prematurely, to try and fix it. Nope, I say prevention is better than cure.

3. Buy Hydrating, Plumping, And Brightening Skincare Products

There are too many products on the market that dry our skin out. And we often misdiagnose ourselves with oily skin and end up trying to dry our skin out of those oils. Bad move!

How do you make your skin more youthful? Well, there are a number of products on the market that claim to brighten and hydrate. These include serums for use at night or day creams with SPF as well as masks.

There is also skincare out there made from natural ingredients such as organic oils, which can help bring life back into your dull complexion while keeping it safe from harmful chemicals found in most products on the market!

Organic Coconut Charcoal Masks are great for elasticating and hydrating skin and these work best in the mornings once or twice a week. It is very thick and creamy and also does an excellent job of extracting impurities without drying out the skin.

You just leave it on for 5-10 minutes, rinse with cool water and then pat dry with a clean washrag. Your pores will thank me later.

4. Taking Care Of Your Appearance Boosts Your Self Confidence

You never regret taking the time to care for your skin. The benefits are endless!

The importance of caring for our skin cannot be overstated; it is integral in feeling confident and presenting ourselves as soft, feminine women.

And what better way than by pampering yourself with a body scrub or relaxing bath? You deserve nothing but good things from both within and without – take some time out every day, and you’ll feel refreshed inside-out!

5. Choosing And Wearing Flattering Colors

The color of the clothes you wear is an important part of your appearance. Some people may think that they can just stick with black, gray, and navy blue all the time because it’s safe, but this way, we often don’t take into account how our skin will pop in certain colors or what kind of mood a particular hue might evoke from us.

There are so many different shades to choose from, so instead of wearing one group for every day, start mixing things up by dipping into softer tones like baby blue or silver as well, which bring out uniqueness!

The way you dress can affect how others perceive your attitude, so it’s important to make sure that when you’re dressing up for a day at work or dinner with friends, the colors and cut of clothing appropriately reflect where you are going. When in doubt about what will look best on any given occasion, try something colorful! Bright colors like yellow or purple always give people good moods!

6. Pliability Is Never A Liability

A lot of us are closed off because we don’t let ourselves enjoy things, enjoy the moment, the music, or nature, so it’s important for women who want more joy in their lives to break out from this habit by moving around every day and making time for activities they love!


There is something about music that can make you feel like a new person.

Some people love salsa because they get to dance around and move their bodies in ways not normally done, while others enjoy jazz or classical for the soothing melodies it plays its listeners.

And there are still other types of music out there which will really tap into your soul–whether it be Christian, Soulful Music, or just any type of song that makes you stop what you’re doing to “feel” the lyrics and the beat coming through loud and clear, touching your soul.

Tap into that!

The best way to keep your body flexible and feeling good is by stretching. It’s not just a warm-up exercise for workouts; it helps with everything from sore muscles, tight joints, and relief of stress or anxiety. Simple stretches can help you feel better in the morning when you first wake up as well as at night before bedtime, so always remember that!

Stretching gives us more flexibility which leads to increased gracefulness while walking around because our muscles are cared for constantly but most importantly stretched out.


Many women get offended when people (mostly men) tell them to smile. Why? Smiling is contagious and can make the people around you happy.

It’s a show of appreciation to others or an expression of happiness for yourself, so don’t be ashamed when someone tells you “smile” because it takes nothing more than your mouth turning up into a smile, and whats more, it will improve your mood!

Smiling and appearing welcoming, bright, with good energy will always make people want to be around you, help you, offer you things, etc.

7. Watch The Company You Keep

You can’t control who you’re born to, but you can make sure that the friends around you are uplifting and unifying.

You may not be able to escape some people in life; however, there’s always something we can do about how we interact with them. Keeping company with those who inspire us will help reinvigorate our faith-strengthening spirits when they need it most.

This could become of your old high school friends that you’re still hanging out with even though you have nothing in common anymore. 

Sometimes we know people are negative, but we are attached to them because we have known them for so long, and you know, they’re family.

It’s hard to cut ties with people we care about, but sometimes it has to be done for the sake of our mental health because negativity is a lot more harmful than you think. You can’t control other people or how they act and speak; you CAN control your reaction in any situation, though, so make sure you’re not getting into an argument over nothing and always remember that their opinion of you is really just one person’s feedback.

8. Change Your Visual Diet

The way that we learn about and shape our minds has never been more prevalent than it is today. We can find information from a variety of sources, like reading books or watching videos on YouTube, which helps us to form new perspectives each day by seeing things in different ways. 

Whether or not one hangs out with someone every single day or watches them everyday online does not matter because they’re still affecting our psyche either way via their words and demeanor.

If you enjoy watching somebody on Youtube, but they are always negative, bashing somebody or reporting on bad news, for example; it will eventually take a toll on your mood, and you will carry that into your day to day and interactions.

If, however, we start watching videos of people who are more uplifting or spiritual in their content, like motivational speakers, etc., our minds will be happier and healthier as time goes by. We learn from what we see and absorb it into ourselves, so keep that in mind.

9. Be Mindful Of Your Tone

There are many ways to soften up when you speak. If your tone is abrasive and aggressive, or if your voice is very loud and startling, that will harden you up. When trying to have a more gentle sound in what you say, watch the way that you speak. As women, we should also try to use some melody with our words while talking so it flows nicely; this gives off a cool nurturing tone.

The same mindfulness which allows us to manipulate our tone and show our babies love and comfort them.

One way to curb an argument is by having a sweet tone of voice. When you speak in a calm, soothing manner, it can help your spouse relax and think more clearly about what he or she wants from the conversation. This will work out well for you because your man is more likely to respond ideally to your soft feminine tone than he is to your abrasive or condescending tone.

When speaking in a way that is hurtful, it can be sharp and abrasive. When we speak kindly or think before we talk about something, the words flow more smoothly and are comforting to those who hear them.

10. Speak Slower

Another thing you can do is slow down your speech. This is especially the case if you are always rushing to get things done or talking really fast. When we speak too quickly, our words come out like a machine gun, and it can sound very aggressive.

You might also notice, in the workplace or in terms of confrontation, that when you speak slower, people have a harder time becoming very angry at you.

Of course, you do not want to start speaking so slowly that you can’t get the words out. That is just irritating!


In conclusion, you now know how to be more feminine and soft. All you have to do is make the decision and follow through with it. Once you start working on this femininity thing, your femininity will start to grow and come more naturally, and you’ll be happy with the change.

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